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Words in category Memory Access in glossary Certified Forth Words

The following words are listed in the category Memory Access (12 words found):

Word Name Word Type Data Stack Signature Return Stack Signature Description 200x Ref Availability
200x ANS F83 FIG
! S n address -- -- Writes the cell-wide value n to address address. 6.1.0010
, S x -- -- Reserve one cell of data space and store x in the cell. If the data-space pointer is aligned when , begins execution, it will remain aligned when , finishes execution. An ambiguous condition exists if the data-space pointer is not aligned prior to execution of ,. 6.1.0150
@ S address -- x -- Fetches the cell-wide value x from memory address address. 6.1.0650
ALIGNED S addr -- a-addr -- a-addr is the first aligned address greater than or equal to addr. 6.1.0706
C! S char c-addr -- -- Store char at c-addr. When character size is smaller than cell size, only the number of low-order bits corresponding to character size are transferred. 6.1.0850
C@ S c-addr -- char -- Fetch the character stored at c-addr. When the cell size is greater than character size, the unused high-order bits are all zeroes. 6.1.0870
CALIGN S -- -- Enter a description here
CALIGNED S -- -- Enter a description here
CELL+ S -- -- As with ALIGN and ALIGNED, the words CELLS and CELL+ were added to aid in transportability across systems with different cell sizes. They are intended to be used in manipulating indexes and addresses in integral numbers of cell-widths. 6.1.0880
CELLS S n1 -- n2  -- n2 is the size in address units of n1 cells. 6.1.0890
CHAR+ S c-addr1 -- c-addr2  -- Add the size in address units of a character to c-addr1, giving c-addr2. 6.1.0897
CHARS S n1 -- n2 -- n2 is the size in address units of n1 characters. 6.1.0898